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This report will not take the entered mileage from the technician, but will instead automatically collect the addresses from e-automate and calculate the distance based on best route calculations.

Main Reasons for the report:

· Stop the tail from wagging the dog: Current processto pay technicians based on mileage, you have to collect those mileages from the technicians. Then if you have time, check the mileages using a mapping software. FACT-Most dealers check less than 10% of all mileage reports. Why not be able to tell the technicians how many miles they drove and what the reimbursement will be.

· Stop the cheat or fudge factor: This system stops people from cheating you out of money. You setupthe reimbursement to help out technicians, but no one wants to be cheated. Technicians can cheat by adding miles, billing for lunch miles, or even adding stops. On the other hand a lot more people may just be rounding up. This is not to say that they are cheating the system, but merely fudging the numbers. If you have a 4 mile fudge per technicians per day this can really add up. 10 technicians fudging 4 miles per day is 880 miles per month. If you are paying $0.40 per mile that is $352.00 per month in fudge…

· Eliminate the paperwork: Everyone wants to eliminate boring and time consuming paperwork.

· Eliminate the hard conversation: One of the hardest conversations in a dealership is when you have to talk to your senior technician about mistakes on his/her mileage reports. No one wants to tell a technician that they made an error. The technician feels bad, because it was an honest mistake. The manager feels bad because it makes a good employee look like he was trying to cheat the company out of money.

· Stop the payday rush: Every payday is a rush to get the reports, check the reports, and turn them in for payment.

Let become your ADP of mileage reports.

The cost of theprogramis$15 per month per technician and a one time sign up fee of $25.00 per technician.

This program requires only monthly commitment, with 30 days notice of cancellation.


If we do not save you at least 125% of the monthly fee, you get your money back.

4 reasons to sign up today:

1. No Contract-Pay as you go

2. Cancel at any time

3. Money back guaranty

4. No risk

EUG Special

· No signup fee

· First 30 days free

· Free time comparisons

Free time comparisons:

Including in this offer is free time comparisons. We will include a comparison of the time the technician traveled and what the calculated time was. This is not a perfect science due to traffic or weather, but it does give you a reference. If a technician is taking 1 hour to drive what should have been 15 minutes on every trip…. Then maybe you have a problem. We are developing weekly reports that will help to find technicians that have extreme travel times. These reports will be an additional money charge.

Program includes: payday reportsof your choice of the following pay schedules

· 1st and 15th

· Every other week

· Weekly

· Monthly

Mileage rates, time periods, and commute miles can be setup per dealership

Please feel free to call with questions or visit us on the web at