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**Refund policy at bottom of this page
Membership to the site is restricted to companies who are currently using E-Automate software and are under a current Maintenance & Support Agreement with ECi, or to ECI Authorized consultants/partners to interact with the users group. In other words, it is our Maintenance and Support dollars that are the primary funding source for the continued development & enhancements to E-Automate. Allowing users who do not understand that correlation and who are unwilling to pay ECi for Support to access our site would be detrimental to all of us who are paying to keep the product growing. Therefore, if you want access to your fellow users, you need to keep your Support & Maintenance agreement in effect with ECi for E-Automate.
Membership Levels

Basic Membership is $20 per year and allows one login per company.  The only requirement for membership is an active maintenance and support plan with e-automate.  As a member you'll have the ability to ask questions about using e-automate to other actual users who can provide suggestions and work-arounds, as well as participate in discussions regarding the use of e-automate.

We offer another level of membership for those who take their investment in e-automate seriously.  An upgrade to the Premium Membership level is available to all Basic EUG Members at the current price of $150 per company per year.  The Premium Membership, in addition to the Basic membership privileges, allows:

  • Register up to 99 additional company users for access to the site
  • Reduced registration fee to the annual conference
  • Eligible for membership in the Steering Committees groups which provide feedback and guidance to the e-automate developers on future enhancements 

We also offer access to the site to approved Consultants/Vendors.  The cost of this membership is $295/year.  If you are interested in registering as a consultant please contact us at with your request and, if approved, we'll set up the Consultant/Vendor registration with your company name.

Refund Policy:

Generally, membership dues will not be refunded after 30 days. However, upon written request, consideration will be given to refunds after 30 days based on the circumstances provided in the request. Any refunds determined to be due, will be refunded by check within 30 days of the approval by the executive board. Membership in this group is limited to users of e-automate who have a current M&S agreement in place with ECi. If your M&S agreement with ECi lapses and or is not renewed, your membership in this group will be suspended until your M&S agreement is brought back to a current status. There will be no refund of any monies paid to the group if your account is suspended due to a lapse in your ECi M&S agreement.